Budget Calendar

*These are Budget Office due dates. Chancellors and VPs may have different internal deadlines.

FY 2018
Description Due Date Responsible Party
Distribute Budget guidance to Responsibility Centers (tuition, endowment, debt service, fringe, etc.) 2/2/18 University Budget Office
Budget Office sends requests for tuition and fee rates 2/2/18 University Budget Office
Board of Governors Meeting 2/7/18  
January General Ledger Close 2/8/18  
Finalize FY 2019 Cost Pool Budgets 2/13/18 University Budget Office
Distribute RCM Cost Allocations to Cost Centers 2/13/18 University Budget Office
Update Metrics using FY 2018 Model to determine metrics impact 2/13/18 University Budget Office
Develop FY 2019 Model using updated metrics and updated budgets 2/13/18 University Budget Office
General Ledger Actuals through January loaded into Forecasting 2/13/18 University Budget Office
Hyperion Planning open for Forecasting and Budgeting 2/14/18 University Budget Office
Allocations Finalized to Responsibility Centers 2/15/18 University Budget Office
Hyperion Forecasting Training Sessions February University Budget Office
Tuition and fee rates due to the Budget Office 3/1/18 Chancellors
F&F materials due 3/9/18 University Budget Office
Governor's FY 2019 Recommended Budget Tentative 3/13/18  
Forecasts using July through January FY18 data due to the Budget Office 3/16/18 Chancellors and Central Units
Finance and Facilities Committee Meeting 3/21/18  
Central and Campus-based Cost Center Hyperion Budget data entry finalized 3/30/18 Central and Campus-based Cost Centers
March Close 4/9/18  
Board of Governors Meeting 4/10/18  
General Ledger Actuals through March loaded into Forecasting 4/12/18 University Budget Office
Public Hearing on Tuition and Fees 4/25/18  
Responsibility Center Budgets Due to the Budget Office 4/27/18 Chancellors and Central Units
Q3 Forecasts due to the Budget Office 4/30/18 Chancellors and Central Units
Assembly Budget Committee TBD  
Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee TBD  
F&F materials due Preliminary Budget Presented 5/18/18 University Budget Office
Finance and Facilities Committee Meeting 5/30/18  
Develop Consolidated Board Budget 5/31/18 University Budget Office
Board of Governors Meeting - Annual Meeting 6/12/18  
F&F materials due 6/28/18 University Budget Office
FY 2019
Description Due Date Responsible Party
Beginning of fiscal year 7/1/18  
Appropriations Act - Approved TBD  
State of NJ Releases Fiscal Year 2019 Budget TBD  
Finance and Facilities Committee Meeting 7/11/18  
Board of Governors Meeting 7/18/18